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Volunteers Help Clear River Trail

Volunteers gather with their canoes before beginning the clean-up.

Several years ago, the Housatonic River Trail was given a helping hand by a group of Earth Team volunteers. Led by former King's Mark RC&D Coordinator Mark Cummings, the team loaded their canoes and kayaks and paddled down river to free 4.2 miles of debris.

By the end of the day, the group had collected enough trash to fill four dumpsters. Debris collected included 38 tires, 3 propane tanks, 2 shopping carts, and over 40 recreational balls. Also removed were several small trees and numerous tree limbs.

The Housatonic River Trail is a popular spot for kayakers and canoeists offering scenic views and whitewater action. The trail is located in the northwest corner of the state and runs through many quaint towns offering rest areas and supplies to paddlers. The river clean-up takes place once a year in mid May.