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New Milford Canoe/Kayak Ramp Completed

Volunteers working on canoe ramp in Brookfield, Connecticut

Earth Team volunteers from the greater New Milford area spent two weekends installing a wheelchair accessible ramp on the Housatonic River in northern Connecticut. The ramp not only services canoeist and kayakers, but also functions as a training site for local police and rescue teams. Over 1,200 interlocking 55-lb. blocks were laid out in an "L" shape and consumed 1,300 square feet with the last 200 square feet installed underwater. Before blocks were set, Earth Team volunteers hand-excavated several yards of the area to achieve final grade. A filter fabric was then laid on "bank gravel" to ensure the blocks would not be lifted during high water. Once the fabric was laid, volunteers devised a unique system to transport the heavy blocks - they slid the blocks down 2x6 boards to waiting hands below to be set into place.  The Earth Team volunteers consisted of folks from the local Rotary Club, management and staff of the Trading Post (a local outfitter), elected officials including the First Selectman, New Milford Parks and Recreation staff, townspeople, town staff and their families.