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Agricultural Management Assistance Program

Some of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat.

NRCS accepts applications for funding on a continuing basis; however, the Round 2 batching date is February 17, 2017.


What is AMA?

Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) is a voluntary program that provides financial assistance to eligible agricultural producers. The program provides cost share assistance to address issues such as water management, water quality, and erosion control by incorporating conservation into farming operations.

Eligible crop production includes, but is not limited to field-grown ornamentals, fruits, orchards, plant materials in greenhouses, row crops, vegetables, and vineyards. Each eligible conservation practice has a Practice Payment Rate (PPR) which is a fixed amount based on regional costs of a typical installation of that practice.

  • Applications are accepted on a continuous basis.
  • Landowners may submit applications any time throughout the year.
  • Sign-ups are conducted at USDA Service Centers.  

Who can apply?

Agricultural producers with priority for limited resource, beginning, or full-time farmers.

What forms do I fill out?

NRCS Documents

Eligibility Documents

How are applications ranked?

Applications are ranked and selected for funding based on national, state, and local ranking criteria. You will be notified once funding decisions have been made.

  • You are considered an eligible agricultural producer if you own or operate with an interest in an agricultural operation.

  • Applicants must meet eligibility for Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) certification.

  • The land enrolled must be under the control of the applicant for the entire length of the contract.

  • All AMA applications are evaluated and ranked on a competitive basis.

  • Once an application is determined to be eligible, NRCS will evaluate the application using specific ranking criteria for each focus area.

  • 2015 AMA Cropland Ranking Tool (67 KB)

  • 2015 AMA Practices and Payment Rates (138 KB)

How long is the term of the contract?

  • Contract lengths of up to 10 years are permissible under program rules.
  • Applications in which the applicant agrees to implement all practices in five years or less will receive additional ranking points.
  • At least one practice from the contract must be started in the first 12 months.
  • No practices may be scheduled in the last year of the contract.
  • Participants can be held financially liable for unfulfilled contracts.

Other Information

  • Each eligible conservation practice has a Practice Payment Rate (PPR) which is a fixed amount based on a percentage of the state average cost of a typical installation of that practice.
  • Total AMA payments shall not exceed $50,000 per participant for any fiscal year.
  • AMA Factsheet - English Version (191 KB)
  • AMA Factsheet - Spanish Version (133 KB)

Where can I find out more about AMA?


Joyce Purcell
Assistant State Conservationist-Programs
(860) 871-4028