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Climate Change Adaption Plan Makes Conservation Part of the Climate Solution

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service has a new Climate Change Adaptation Plan that works to ensure its programs and services meet the demands of the changing agricultural landscape. It evaluates seven current vulnerabilities to NRCS’s mission, operation and infrastructure that may be affected by climate change and prioritizes key actions to address these vulnerabilities, such as:

  • Increase climate literacy and staffing capacity to deliver assistance that is reflective of climate change.
  • Enhance science, research, and data for understanding, organizing, measuring, and tracking climate related impacts and outcomes
  • Integrate climate information into current business procedures, assessments, and opportunities
  • Ensure current and future applied conservation investments are reflective of climate change needs.
  • Assess and address disproportionate climate change impacts on vulnerable communities through intentional engagement, planning, and assistance
  • Strengthen partnerships and collaboration to address climate change
  • Address risks to agency infrastructure
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