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Colorado SNOTEL Watershed Snowpack Projection Graphs

SNOTEL Basin SWE Line Graphs with Non-Exceedence Projections

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Statewide Graph

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About these graphs:

The heavy red line shows the observed accumulation to date.  The remaining colored lines (blue through red) indicate the range of possible futures. Blue tinted lines indicate generally wetter scenarios, while red tinted lines indicate drier scenarios. Shown are the Min, 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90% non-exceedance scenarios and the Max. These bounds are a statistical summary of the individual scenarios.

The dark black line shows the long term normal (average) data on that date. The gray background shows the historical range of all of the daily data. The uppermost edge and lowermost edges of the gray area are the highest and lowest historical values available during the limited historical period, typically beginning in the mid 1980s (Max, Min).  In between these bounds are shown the historical 10, 30, 70 and 90% non-exceedance bounds of the data. The historical median (50% non-exceedance) is shown as a faint dashed black line.

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A User's Guide for the Interpretation of Basinwide Snowpack Projection Graphs NEW