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Colorado Ogallala and Republican River Basin TCP

2020 Ogallala Aquifer Republican River Basin Map











NAME OF PROJECT: Colorado Ogallala/Republican River TCP

CONSERVATION DISTRICT(S):Republican River Water Conservation District

The NRCS partnered with the Republican River Water Conservation District and the Colorado Master Irrigator Project Advisory Committee to develop the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Ogallala and Republican River Basin TCP.

The goals of the CO Master Irrigator program were adopted to utilize EQIP funding to facilitate the implementation of conservation practices to improve energy use efficiency, water conservation and soil health to increase profitability and conserve the aquifer.

The Ogallala and Republican River Basin EQIP TCP activities are carried out according to a plan of operations developed with the agricultural producer.

EQIP offers contracts with a minimum term of two years and a maximum term of 10 years. At the present time the management incentive practice payments are eligible for payment up to 5 years in the Ogallala and Republican River Basin TCP.

The EQIP payment limitation is $450,000 per individual.

The participants who have completed the CO Master Irrigator Curriculum will be eligible for a 20% increase in their EQIP application ranking score. The increased ranking points will be available to farm and ranch entities who have sponsored employees to complete the CO Master Irrigator Curriculum.

CLICK HERE to download factsheet with priority practices and payment rates.