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Emergency Watershed Protection Program

2013 Flood Recovery

2013 Fire Recovery


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) administers the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program, which responds to emergencies created by natural disasters. It is not necessary for a national emergency to be declared for an area to be eligible for assistance.

The program is designed to help people and conserve natural resources by relieving imminent hazards to life and property caused by floods, fires, wind­storms, and other natural occurrences. EWP is an emergency recovery program. All projects undertaken, with the exception of the pur­chase of floodplain easements, must have a project sponsor.

Type of Work Authorized

EWP is designed for installation of recovery measures. Activities include providing financial and technical assistance to:

  • remove debris from stream channels, road culverts, and bridges,

  • reshape and protect eroded banks,

  • correct damaged drainage facilities,

  • establish cover on critically eroding lands,

  • repair levees and structures, and

  • repair conservation practices.


Public and private landowners are eligible for assistance but must be represented by a project sponsor. Sponsors include legal subdivisions of the State, such as a city, county, general improvement district, conservation district, or any Native American tribe or tribal organization as defined in section 4 of the Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act.

Sponsor's Obligations

Sponsors are responsible for:

  • providing land rights to do repair work

  • securing the necessary permits

  • accomplishing the installation of work, work can be done either through Federal or local contracts

  • providing 25 percent of the cost to install the recovery measures, either in cash or by in-kind contributions of materials or service and thru the EWP program; NRCS could reimburse up to 75 percent of the cost to install recovery measures

Sponsor Forms and Information

Form SF-1199A Direct Deposit Sign-up Form
Form SF-270 Request for Advance or Reimbursement
Form SF-271 Request for Reimbursement Construction
Form SF-424 Application for Federal Assistance
Form SF-424A with Instructions
Form SF-424B Assurances - Non-Construction Programs
Form SF-424C Budget Information Construction Programs
Form SF-425 Federal Financial Report
Form SF-425 Instructions
Form SF-428 Tangible Personal Property Report
Form SF-428A Tangible Personal Property Report Annual Report
Form SF-428B Tangible Personal Property Report Final Report
Form SF-428C Tangible Personal Property Report Disposition Request/Report 
Form SF-428D Supplemental Sheet 
Form SF-429 Real Property Status Report
EWP Sponsor Requirements and Eligibility
Sponsor Guide to EWP
NRCS-EWP Sponsor Checklist
SAM Quick Guide Contract Registration
FAQs for DUNS and SAM

Program Signup Information

Excerpt from Section 216, P.L. 81-516 - further clarification of the EWP Program.
Final Rule, 7 CFR Part 624 (April 2005) (PDF, 97 KB)