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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP)

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) - Information for NRCS Employees and Partners

NRCS teams up with agencies, industry, Resource Conservation Districts, universities and others to help dairy producers plan how to store, use, and profit from their manure nutrients. NRCS is a member of California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP).

Preparing a CNMP can be a simple or complex process, depending on the size and complexity of the animal operation. It typically requires knowledge in engineering, agronomy and crop nutrient management, erosion control practices, irrigation systems, and water management in order to adequately assess and manage water and manure associated with animal feeding operations, and control runoff. Producers may find it necessary to enlist the help of one or more technical experts when preparing a CNMP. A certification program has been established for persons offering to prepare CNMPs to assure certain standards are met.

Not all CNMPs will require the same level of expertise. In some cases, particularly for AFOs that have no plans to add new facilities or expand existing ones, it is possible the CNMP may be prepared by the producer and reviewed by a certified specialist. Producers will need to obtain a minimum level of training to prepare their own CNMPs, possibly through the CDQAP environmental stewardship program.

Obtaining Certification to Prepare CNMP for NRCS

There are four areas of certification required to prepare a CNMP: (1) evaluation of facilities and equipment for handling and storage of manure and storm water, (2) nutrient management for land application of manure, (3) runoff and erosion control from land, and (4) conservation planning. Although one person could obtain all four certifications, it is more typical for CNMPs to be developed with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists (e.g. an engineer, an agronomist and a planner). Guidance for NRCS staff, partners and producers to become certified is available below. Private consultants or others interested in becoming a Technical Service Provider to prepare CNMPs must obtain certification as described here.

Contact a member of the California Nutrient Management Team to obtain a copy of the "NRCS California Conservation Planning Policy" document.

CNMP Training materials can be downloaded from the CNMP Support Materials page.

For detailed information and the most up-to-date information on the CNMP preparation process and CNMP implementation, please visit the CNMP TSP page.

NRCS Nutrient Management Team

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