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NRCS Feed Management Practice (592) Cost Share Guidelines - 2010

NRCS Feed Management Practice (592) Cost Share Guidelines - 2010

Feed Management is an important, though optional part of a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan.  Producers who feed dairy cows for maximum production and do not overfeed high nitrogen containing materials can minimize the N content of their manure and control feed costs. As a result, they should be able to more easily meet new regulations regarding manure application to land and save money on feed.

NRCS in California has teamed up with the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) to offer dairy producers professional advice and a cost-share incentive to evaluate and adjust animal feeding where it is likely to reduce nitrogen excretion from the animals. The documents and links below describe the program and support its implementation. Contact a member of the California Nutrient Management Team to obtain any of the following files:

  • Feed Management Guidelines FY 2010 (PDF; 31 KB)
  • Feed Management Eligibility Tool FY 2010 (XLS; 49 KB)
  • NUE Calculator (XLS; 1.4 MB)

Important Information

Additional funds for TSP assisting producers with Feed Management:

For ARPAS members certified in Feed Management and registered as TSP for Feed Management, a second payment is available to prepare the Feed Management Plan required of the producer to receive cost share. This payment is in addition to the cost share provided to the producer for implementing the Feed Management Plan, and is made directly to the TSP. Payments are similarly available for annual revisions of the Feed Management Plan.

NOTE: To be eligible for these direct payments the TSP must be certified on TechReg in "Feed Management". The category "CNMP Plan Development – Feed Management" does not qualify a TSP to receive direct payment for preparing the Feed Management Plan, or revising it. If you are an ARPAS member certified in Feed Management, but not registered as a TSP in Feed Management, you may prepare a Feed Management Plan for the producer but cannot receive the separate payment from USDA for preparing the plan. 

Ask the local NRCS office about adding TSP Technical Assistance funds to the producer's EQIP contract for preparing or revising the Feed Management Plan.

For questions regarding TSP registration please call Alan Forkey at 530-792-5653.