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The "Growing Together" Latino Farmer Conference

Message from State Conservationist Carlos Suarez

LFC 2021-Home pageWe are now about three weeks away from our 7th Annual “Growing Together” Latino Farmer Conference. The success of this conference is a testament to our outstanding partnership with the National Center for Appropriate Technology, and the hard work and dedication by our NRCS field offices and outreach team. 

The conference is a statewide USDA effort that will take place over the course of three half day sessions, on December 8, 2021 and January 12, and February 9, 2022 via Zoom. The three-half day sessions will consist of six agricultural topics ranging from building soil health, efficient use of water and access to capital, among other resources.  The registration website can be found at

The event will benefit all farmers, ranchers, end users, students, educators, and agricultural professionals, but is specifically tailored to Spanish-speaking farmers. With the opportunity to network and learn about the various resources available to them in their first language. A facilitated networking session will take place on February 9.

To facilitate an on the farm experience, and showcase conservation agriculture at work, two farm tours have been pre-recorded.

The conference is open to all farmers and ranchers at all stages of development. I encourage field staff to post and share our poster and flyer on social media and where it will be prominently displayed to ensure the conference is well attended.

Thank you for representing NRCS with information at our networking session and throughout the conference. Lastly, I want to challenge each one of you in our field offices to invite and register at least ten Spanish-speaking farmers and invite industry partners to attend the conference. Together we can make this conference a great success.

For more information, please call our Outreach Coordinators Christine Chavez at (530) 792-5695 and Victor M. Hernandez at (530) 304-8614.