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Warm Season Cover Crops Field Day

Lockeford Plant Materials Center, 21001 N. Elliott Rd., Lockeford, CA 95237

Warm season cover crops are an underused tool in
California agriculture. Their use can “add value” during a
fallow “window” within a production cropping system.
Advantages include: reduced soil erosion and increased
water infiltration with fall rains, weed suppression,
enhanced nutrient cycling, reduced soil compaction, and
increased water holding capacity. Depending on the crops chosen, they may provide nitrogen and pest suppression.

These cover crops “winterkill” so there is no problem with cover crop termination for spring planting. The volume of
residue produced and the ease of breakdown depends on
the cover crop species.  

Field Day participants will get a close look at a replicated warm season cover crop trial at the PMC with 11 species and four cowpea cultivars after 60 days of growth.

Tentative Agenda

10:00 - Margaret Smither-Kopperl, PMC Manager - Welcome

10:05 - Scott Park - A Producers Experience with Warm Season Cover    Crops

10:25 - Valerie Bullard, PMC Agronomist - Warm Season Cover Crops

10:50 - Gill Costa, Sentek Technologies - Moisture Sensors for Irrigation Water Monitoring

11:10 - Michelle Leinefelder-Miles and Brenna Aegerter, UC Extension -
Cover crops, Soil Health and Greenhouse Gas Study

11:30 - Z. Kabir, NRCS Regional Soil Health Specialist - Timing of Warm Season Cover Crops

11:45 - Wendy Rash, District Conservationist - NRCS Programs and Cover

11:55 - Margaret Smither-Kopperl - Conclusions and Questions

For more information or to arrange any special needs contact: or 209-727-5319