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NRCS California Strategic Goals 3 & 4


Strategic Goal 3: Quality of Operations       
Quality will be assured in all operational areas of the agency.


Strategic goal-3Objective 3.1
Deliver technical services and financial assistance in a timely manner.

Strategic Actions:

  • Simplify and efficiently deliver conservation program assistance to customers.
  • Reduce, streamline, or re-assign repetitive administrative and reporting functions and time consuming technical activities, such as the National Resource Inventory and Ecological Site Descriptions.
  • Increase investments in human resources to strengthen the quality and delivery of products and services.
  • Adopt mobile technologies to improve communication while effectively delivering products and services to customers.

Objective 3.2
Identify areas that need process improvement.

Strategic Actions:

  • Strengthen the feedback mechanism between field staff and customers to state leadership and program managers.
  • Identify inconsistencies in program delivery between offices, counties, and regions, as well as, amongst technical and program staff.
  • Ensure that program support software is fully operational and field ready prior to delivery.


  • Technical staff is allowed more time to develop quality planning products using the best assessment tools while adhering to consistent program guidance. 
  • Quality of conservation planning activities results in program contracts that are technically justified and implemented on schedule. 
  • Customer feedback shows high satisfaction with timeliness and technical quality of service provided. 


Strategic Goal 4: Partnership Relationships
Build and strengthen partnerships with agriculture and conservation coalitions to meet common priorities.


Strategic goal-4Objective 4.1
Maximize relationships to increase leveraging and sharing of resources.

Strategic Actions: 

  • Assist field offices to identify and build relationships with existing and new partners.
  • Help build and support coalitions of public and private partners based on ecologic and            industry needs.
  • Increase collaboration and participation in field days and technical workshops organized by conservation partners.
  • Support the allotment of time to build and strengthen state, regional, and local relationships with existing or new stakeholders.

Complex environmental problems are addressed with the help of new and existing partnerships which enables:

  • Efficient use of staff and leverages financial and technical resources more effectively
  • Improves technical transfer with proven, partnered approaches.


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