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NRCS California Strategic Goals 1 & 2


Strategic Goal 1: Technical Competency
Employees will have the skill set to do their job.

 Strategic goal-1Objective 1.1
Provide employees with the necessary tools to develop specific skills and improve delivery of technical services.

Strategic Actions: 

  • Assist Field Offices to identify local resource concerns, assess current technical capacity at Team levels, and strengthen the delivery of locally focused technical trainings.
  • Improve employee understanding and usage of the various sections of the Field Office Technical Guide and its application to program delivery.
  • Build and distribute successful practice implementation models that guide technical staff in presenting conservation plan alternatives to clients.

Objective 1.2
Support the allocation of time for employee professional development.

Strategic Actions: 

  • Expand focused training, job shadowing, detail assignment, and leadership development opportunities for new employees and provide a clear continuing education requirement for tenured employees.
  • Strengthen NRCS performance standards to identify specific technical skills required by position and accurately gauge the skills of incumbents.
  • Implement a position-centric training plan that new and experienced employees alike can follow to meet the requirements of their positions.


  • Employees are confident in assessing resource concerns and discussing farm production and management principles with the producer.
  • NRCS clients and partners recognize the value of conservation planning and frequently request these services.
  • Conservation technical assistance results in quality plans and timely implementation of recommendations.


Strategic Goal 2: Technical Credibility        
NRCS will be recognized as providing effective and practical solutions resulting in positive environmental benefits.

Strategic goal-2Objective 2.1

Increase the evaluation and demonstration of innovative and emerging conservation technologies.

Strategic Actions:
Build and strengthen technical partnerships to develop opportunities for information transfer to aid in practice standard creation and program policy development.

  • Assess and integrate new technologies through increased field demonstrations, technical brochure creation, and deployment of innovative tools.

Objective 2.2
Increase the visibility of NRCS as a technical leader in conservation activities.

Strategic Actions:
Strengthen customer understanding of the value of NRCS tools and products that help save money, meet regulatory requirements, and achieve conservation objectives.

  • Increase NRCS technical exposure in all available media that highlight successful program-neutral conservation projects, campaigns, and technical assistance.


  • Clients and partners recognize that NRCS actively evaluates and incorporates innovative technologies into practice standards and program offerings.
  • NRCS is viewed as a principal resource for solving technical problems and emerging issues. 
  • Clients and partners recognize financial assistance programs as tools that incentivize the best, least-cost alternatives to solve natural resource problems that would otherwise not be addressed.  


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