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California NRCS Vision Statement

NRCS Vision Statement

To be recognized as technical experts in conservation planning and application that deliver programs and services that meet the needs of California’s diverse agricultural and forestry landowners and operators for sustainability, resource protection, and environmental quality.

Agency Priorities

(1) Getting More Conservation on the Ground,

(2) Increasing Organizational Effectiveness and Efficiency, and

(3) Creating a Climate Where Private Lands Conservation Will Thrive.

The purpose of the strategic plan is to help focus the work that needs to be accomplished over the next four fiscal years, and to leverage existing technical and financial assistance to do it.

How will we use the Strategic Plan and what will it do?

  • It will be a vision document that provides guidance and focus to the work that we do.

  • It will help guide identification of measureable outcomes and how to achieve them.

  • It will be the basis for annual business plans.

  • It will help us identify key resource issues to address.

  • It will focus on achievable goals over a four year period.

  • It will be discussed semi-annually with the State Executive Leadership Team.


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