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NRCS California 5-Year Strategic Plan 2020-2025


Welcome to the California five-year, 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Carlos Suarez-11-18I invite you to learn more about the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The NRCS is a people focused agency and provides farmers, ranchers, forest landowners and tribal nations with the tools and resources to farm sustainably. This plan encapsulates the priorities of our California farmers, employees and partners.

The agricultural landscapes in our country are changing. Especially here in California and within our agency, where the diversity of our farmers and the crops they grow, is just as important as the diversity of the employees who serve them. We are an agency of inclusion, where we realize that together we are better. As an agency, we are realigning our vision and mission to support resilient landscapes and thriving agricultural communities.

NRCS delivers conservation solutions with cutting-edge results. This is made possible in collaboration with local resource conservation districts and conservation partners. As we turn a new chapter, we are committed to working closer with traditional and non-traditional organizations. To support historically underserved customers and beginning farmers and ranchers working toward sustainability. 

In harnessing the opportunities to achieve our vision, we have identified two key goals:

•  The People — Support our valued external (farmers, ranchers, forestland owners, tribal nations and partners) and internal (our employees) stakeholders in implementation and delivery of conservation solutions.

•  The Land — Support the resilience of California agricultural landscapes. By working together to identify priority resource concerns for the adoption of voluntary conservation practices.  

In closing, we are taking additional steps to meet the challenge of “personalizing” conservation solutions. As a state, we are developing strategic business plans to guide day-to-day operations.

Nowhere else do the partner resources and opportunities exist like they do in California to move conservation agriculture into the future. I humbly invite your comments and questions regarding the content herein. Our NRCS team and I look forward to continuing the dialog with you in service to California land stewardship. 

Carlos Suarez
State Conservationist


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Updated: 07/21/2020