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Engineering References

Engineering References

National Engineering Manual (pdf)

This manual presents engineering policy clearly and completely so that NRCS engineering activities can be effectively and efficiently implemented.  These policies are provided for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the technical excellence in engineering that results from a knowledge of engineering principles and the ability to apply that knowledge effectively. This manual also serves to coordinate an interdisciplinary team approach to engineering activity.

National Engineering Homepage

The National Engineering Homepage contains specifications, references, design sheets, and contact information.

National Watershed Manual (pdf)

The National Watershed Manual provides information in the areas of: Program Criteria, Program Adminitration, Project Purposes and Measures, Development of the Project Plan, Plan Format and Content, Reviews and Approvals, Plan Modifications, Project Installation, Post Installation Assistance, and Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP).

National Weather and Climate Center (NWCC)

The NWCC contains useful conservation planning tools in the areas of : Animal Waste Management, Hydraulics & Hydrology, Irrigation and Water Management, Nutrient Management, Pest Management, Salinity Management, Water Quality, and Wetlands and Drainage.

Field Office Technical Guide

The Field Office Technical Guide contains Arizona Standards and Specifications.

NRCS Soils Website

The NRCS Soils Website contains a vast amount of soil information.