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Frye Creek-Graveyard Wash-Stockton Wash FRS

Frye Creek - Graveyard Wash - Stockton Wash Flood Retarding Structures

Rehabilitation Fact Sheet

Project Name: Frye Creek–Graveyard Wash–Stockton Wash Flood Retarding Structures (FRS)


  1. City of Safford
  2. Town of Thatcher
  3. Graham County
  4. Gila Valley Natural Resource Conservation District

Project Location: Graham County, Arizona

Authorization: Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, Public Law 83-566, as amended, and Public Law 106-472, Small Watershed Rehabilitation Amendments of 2000.

Project Summary:

The Frye Creek, Graveyard Wash, and Stockton Wash Flood Retarding Structures (FRS) were constructed by the Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resources Conservation Service - NRCS) in 1962-1964. The earthen structures provide flood protection to the City of Safford and Town of Thatcher, including residents, structures, agricultural land, and infrastructure.

The dams have developed inadequacies since the time of construction, including insufficient emergency spillway capacities. To further evaluate these inadequacies, the Sponsors, with assistance from the NRCS, are completing assessments that will provide the Sponsors with adequate information to make a decision as to whether they need to pursue making any corrections to the dams.

The Dam Rehabilitation Program administered by NRCS provides financial and technical assistance to help local Sponsors rehabilitate aging dams that were originally constructed with NRCS Watershed Program assistance. NRCS, Sponsors, and the Arizona Dam Safety Office are currently working on nine high priority dams needing rehabilitation. In order to receive federal funds for dam rehabilitation, local Sponsors must provide 35 percent of the total project costs.