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Completed Irrigation Projects

Completed Irrigation Projects

Plum Bayou

The Plum Bayou project was completed in 1993 at a cost of $977,000 and serves 14,200 irrigated acres. It consists of three pumps with a total capacity of 79,500 gpm; three road crossings; an irrigation canal; 10.5 miles of underground pipelines; and 77 flow meters. The sponsors are NRCS, ANRC, Lonoke County Conservation District, Pulaski County Conservation District and the Plum Bayou Irrigation District.

Point Remove Wetland Reclamation and Irrigation Project

The Point Remove Wetland Reclamation and Irrigation Project was completed in 2006. It provides irrigation water to 14,000 acres of cropland in Pope and Conway counties and winter water for the 6,000 acre Ed Gordon Wildlife Management Area. The sponsors are the Point Remove Wetlands Reclamation and Irrigation District; and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Program Contact

Walt Delp, P.E.
State Conservation Engineer
(501) 301-3141