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NRI Prime Farmland Soils

NRI Prime Farmland

There were 12,914,700 acres of prime farmland in 2007, compared to 13,214,400 acres in 1982; a net decrease of about 299,700 acres or 2.3%. (Figure 12) Of these prime farmland losses, 59% of the loss was cropland and 10% of the loss was pasture. This acreage of prime farmland converted to other uses (such as developed land) during the 25-year period was around 3/4 of the size of Lee County, Arkansas. Prime farmland broad cover/use included: cultivated and noncultivated cropland, pastureland, forest land, other rural land, CRP land and rangeland.

(Figure 12) - Agricultural Prime Farmland

(Figure 12) - Agricultural Prime Farmland

Rice grown on prime farmland photo  
Last Modified: 02/02/2011