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Poteau River Watershed Site 5

Poteau River Watershed Site 5 - Scott CountyPoteau Site 5 Riser

  • Location:  City of Waldron in Scott County, 4th Congressional District

  • Total Project Cost:  $1,615,469

  • Federal Funding:  $1,050,055

  • Sponsor Funding:  $565,414


Utilizing funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for this dam rehabilitation project will create or save construction jobs and protect lives and property, agricultural land, and public works from dam failure. It will provide water for 4,000 people in the City of Waldron and other areas of Scott County. 

Rehabilitation of the dam will prevent flooding, protecting the lives and property of 80 residents. Twenty homes and commercial businesses, farms and poultry operations, and a highway will be protected. The dam also will provide 2,100 acre-feet of water supply storage.

Project Description

The dam will be brought up to current safety standards. This project will raise the top of the dam and extend the dam’s service life by an additional 100 years. The principal and auxiliary spillways, which release water during small rainfall events, will be raised.


  • USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • City of Waldron, Arkansas
  • Poteau River Watershed Improvement District
  • Poteau River Conservation District

Project Status

  • Embankment construction is complete. 
  • Seeding is complete on embankment.

New Developments

  • Riser repair is 75% complete. 
  • Auxiliary spillway widening has commenced. 
  • Media event held on 9/21/10.
  • Project completed.