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HFRP 2007

2007 Arkansas Healthy Forest Reserve Program Pilot Program


The Healthy Forest Reserve Program (HFRP) is a voluntary program that encourages landowners to restore, enhance, and protect forestland resources on private land through easements (30 or 99 year) and 10-year cost share agreements.  The objectives of the HFRP are to:

  • Promote the recovery of threatened and endangered species under the Endangered Species Act;
  • Improve plant and animal biodiversity;
  • Enhance carbon sequestration.

Expected Benefits

In Arkansas, the HFRP is expected to promote a suite of species, including the following threatened and endangered species:

  • Red-cockaded Woodpecker
  • Bald Eagle
  • Pink Mucket (mussel)
  • Winged Mapleleaf (mussel)
  • Ouachita Rock Pocketbook (mussel)
  • Geocarpon minimum (plant)

These species are expected to benefit as a result of improved pine forest habitat conditions, implementation of forestry best management practices, and improved water quality through better management of riparian areas.

How HFRP Works

Persons interested in entering into an easement or cost share agreement with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) must turn in a completed application by April 20, 2007.

If an application is approved for funding, the NRCS will pay the participant 100% of the Yellow Book value of their land for a 99-year easement and 75% of the Yellow Book value for a 30-year easement.  Those accepted for 10-year cost share agreements are only eligible for cost share payments.

The NRCS will work with participants to develop a forest management plan.  This plan becomes the basis of the easement or agreement and cost share payments are made based on the completion of the practices in the plan.  The NRCS will pay 100% cost share on all practices for 99-year easements, 75% cost share on 30-year easements and 50% cost share for 10-year cost share agreements.

Landowner Eligibility

To be eligible to enroll an easement or contract in the HFRP, a landowner must:

  • Be the owner of eligible land for which enrolment is sought;
  • Agree to provide all information requested to the NRCS to determine eligibility.

Eligible Lands

Healthy Forest Reserve Program 2006 Arkansas Pilot Program Area

The following criteria are specific to the 2007 HFRP Pilot Program in Arkansas.  Eligible lands must:

  • Be located within those parts of the Bayou DeLoutre, Lower Ouachita and Lower Saline watersheds that lie within Ashley, Bradley, Calhoun, Drew, Ouachita and Union Counties;
  • Be capable of supporting Red-cockaded Woodpeckers or improve water quality in the Ouachita or Saline rivers.

Ineligible Lands

The following lands are not eligible for the HFRP:

  • Lands owned by a government entity;
  • Land subject to an easement that protects wildlife habitat (such as WRP);
  • Lands where restoration efforts would be futile.

Note: This is not intended to be a definitive interpretation of legislation.  Rather, it is preliminary and may change as USDA develops implementation policies and procedures. 

Application Information

Signup ended April 20, 2007.

State HFRP Press Release

Additional Information

NRCS Arkansas Healthy Forest Reserve Program Program Report

Fiscal Year 2007 (Oct. 2006 - Sept. 2007)

County Contracts Funding Approved
Ashley 1 $50,280
Bradley 2 $174,904
Calhoun 10 $650,261
Drew 1 $52,680
Totals 14 $928,125