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Mitchell Animal Mortality Facility

John and Carla Mitchell - Drew County

Soil Conservation Technician Mark Robinson (left) and John and Carla Mitchell

Soil Conservation Technician Mark Robinson (left) and John and Carla Mitchell.

NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) funds were used to assist John and Carla Mitchell in installing an animal mortality facility incinerator and waste storage facility.

John has worked closely with the Monticello Field Service Center for more than 20 years, and has been one of NRCS’s local partners with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  John has helped write Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program management plans, provided our office with information and answers regarding wildlife habitat management, and directed numerous landowners seeking cost-share assistance.

However, it is now the Drew County NRCS staff’s turn to offer assistance to John.  He is retiring from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission after 20 years of service and is now a full-time poultry farmer.  As a beginning farmer, John signed up for EQIP to assist in the installation of a new poultry incinerator to properly dispose of dead birds in an economically and environmentally safe manner.  We also assisted with cost-share to help John build a dry waste storage facility where he can properly store his poultry litter and prevent any nutrient run off into nearby streams or water bodies.