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Little River Ditches MRBI Project

Little River Ditches MRBI Project Area MapThis 5-year project is sponsored by the NE Arkansas Association of Conservation Districts with assistance from Arkansas State University and USDA Agricultural Research Agency (ARS).

The project area includes 6 adjacent sub-watersheds in the Little River Ditches watershed located in Craighead, Mississippi, and Poinsett Counties.  The goal of the conservation partners involved is to reduce the nutrient loss from agricultural land (primarily cropped to cotton) through improved nutrient use efficiency and reduced runoff from agricultural fields.

The focus of the conservation efforts will be utilization of variable rate fertilizer application rate technology and improved irrigation water management.  The partners will directly contact the 900 area farmers and hope to achieve a 75 percent participation rate for conservation practices installed with funding from Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

Approved Conservation Practices*

  • 329 Residue Management, No-Till
  • 340 Cover Crop
  • 345 Residue Management, Mulch Till
  • 346 Residue Management, Ridge Till
  • 393 Filter Strip
  • 410 Grade Stabilization Structure
  • 412 Grassed Waterway
  • 430 Irrigation Pipeline
  • 441 Irrigation System, Micro Irrigation
  • 442 Irrigation System, Sprinkler
  • 443 Irrigation System, Surface and Subsurface
  • 449 Irrigation Water Management
  • 464 Irrigation Land Leveling
  • 533 Pumping Plant
  • 554 Drainage Water Management
  • 587 Structure for Water Control
  • 590 Nutrient Management
  • 608 Surface Drain, Main or Lateral
  • 634 Waste Transfer
  • 638 Water and Sediment Control Basin
  • 646 Shallow Water Development & Management


*Some restrictions may apply to some practices.

Conservation Activity

  • 201 – Edge of Field Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation
  • 202 – Edge of Field Water Quality Monitoring, Equipment Installation


Nancy Young
State Resource Conservationist
(501) 301-3134

Kenneth Lee
Assistant Conservationist for Programs
(501) 301-3165

Dianne Schlenker
Initiatives Coordinator
(501) 301-3152