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Heavy Use Area

Grazing Management

Heavy Use Areas

Protected heavy-use livestock traffic areas require special consideration and construction to prevent erosion and muddy conditions.

What it does for you

  • Provides stable, safe footing for animals and farm operators.

  • Provides convenient, mud-free access by animals and operators during wet weather.

  • Reduces the amount of gravel required to maintain access areas.


  • Gate openings, areas around water tanks, feeding areas, travel lanes or hay storage areas may need protection.

  • Heavy-use areas should be located away from water wells and streams to provide an appropriate buffer.

  • These areas can be constructed by establishing grade to provide drainage, installing a permeable geotextile material (place material between the subgrade and the aggregate), and covering with a minimum of 6 inches of gravel. Choose lime or small aggregate, such as crusher-run, to cap the heavy-use areas.