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Alternative Livestock Watering

Grazing Management

Alternative Livestock Watering

Alternative livestock watering systems are designed to provide an alternative to watering animals directly from streams, rivers and lakes.

What it does for you

  • Decreases soil erosion and helps maintain stable stream banks when a stream side filter is re-established.

  • Provides a year-round supply of clean, freeze-proof water for livestock through a well-designed watering system. When used in conjunction with protected heavy-use areas, they provide a solid, mud-free watering area.

  • Provides more flexibility in managing forage grazing systems, manure distribution and pasture utilization.

  • Develops wildlife habitat along stream sides where the riparian zone has been re-established.


  • Several options are available when choosing an alternative livestock watering system. The best type will depend on many factors including site layout, water requirements, availability and cost of utility water and electricity, and the location and type of water source.

  • Types of alternative watering systems available include: AC electric pumping systems, gravity flow systems, improved cattle crossings, ram pumps and solar DC pumping systems.