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Upper Petit Jean Watershed Site 9

Upper Petit Jean Watershed Site 9 - Logan County

  • Location: City of Booneville in Logan County, 3rd and 4th Congressional Districts
  • Federal Funding: $113,427

    A stress crack in the transition between the principal spillway inlet structure and outlet pipe at Upper Petit Jean Site 9.













The 310-acre reservoir provides flood control, benefits for the citizens include public health and safety improvements. It also provides water for 4,500 people in the City of Booneville and other areas of Logan County.

Utilizing funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for Site 11, will also ensure the site continues to provide $540,000 of flood prevention annually.

 The site is one of 207 small dams in Arkansas. These dams provide flood protection for more than 225,000 acres in 54 watersheds.

Project Description

The project uses a chemical grout to seal and bond stress cracks between the principal spillway inlet structure and outlet pipe. The cracks pose no immediate threats, but over time, they would allow corrosion of the steel in the reinforced concrete. This project will ensure a reliable water supply for the community.


  • USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Magazine Soil and Water Conservation District
  • City of Booneville, Arkansas

Project Status

  • Construction Complete.
  • Final Cost $113,427