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Team Reorganization

Team Based Organization Structure

Field Service Delivery Teams

The Natural Resources Conservation Service in Arkansas is reorganizing its field organizational structure to improve conservation assistance to agricultural producers. The changes are designed to provide efficient staffing, flexibility, employee empowerment and efficient use of resources.

The reorganization entails reducing the number of teams in the state from 15 to 11. Each team will have 10-16 members and each field office will continue to have a district conservationist.

“The majority of FSCs will not realize any significant changes to their present working framework and conditions with the exception of team enlargement and team assistance. Each team should have adequate personnel resources to call upon, a balanced workload to employee ratio, a balanced discipline pool and workable boundaries,” said Mike Sullivan, state conservationist. “The teams should also realize an increase in quality, training, and assistance through the addition of a team civil engineering technician or team resource conservationist.”

To develop the new teams, the staff looked at the workload in each county, natural boundaries, land uses, similar workloads, travel corridors, location of technical service centers and field service centers, and balance among the teams and employees.

“With the decrease in staffing in recent years, it is imperative that we structure our delivery system to continue the one-on-one assistance that has been the foundation of our success for the past 75-years and preserve the relationship with our partners and our clients,” Sullivan said. “I am comfortable that we have a plan that will help us provide the best possible conservation planning and implementation assistance to agricultural producers.”

Small version of Arkansas Team Map
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NOTE: The number in ( ) beside the team number represents the minimum level of staffing for the Field Service Delivery team.  Each team is made up of 1 District Conservationist in every FSC with the remainder of the staff being Soil Conservationists and Soil Conservation Technicians.

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Last Modified: 12/01/2010