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Forestry Training Retreat at Enon and Sehoy Plantations


Attendees stand in front of the Sehoy Plantation general store.
Forestry Retreat attendees stand in front of the Sehoy Plantation general store built in 1870.

By Tim Albritton, State Staff Forester, NRCS, Auburn, AL

Alabama NRCS held a Forestry Training Retreat for forestry related personnel at the Enon & Sehoy Plantations in Bullock County, Alabama, one of Alabama’s unique forestry venues.

The retreat was held to examine the current programs, guides, standards, and ways we promote forestry to the public.  The forestry training retreat helped to improve communications, observe unique forest management practices, and build friendships.

Before the technical session began, everyone shared an interesting forestry experience.  This generated a lot of laughter. broke the ice,  and helped the attendees get to know each other.

In addition to organized training sessions, the group toured some of the forest management practices at Enon & Sehoy.  One of their major objectives is improving quail habitat.  To accomplish this, they are providing adequate brood fields and hardcover habitat that are used for feeding and protective cover.  

Other points of interest on the tour included longleaf restoration, prescribed burning, hardwood cover planting along feed lines, and red cockaded woodpecker cluster nesting trees.

Holding this training event in a conducive environment with a stress-free atmosphere, created a desirable and very successful experience for everyone. 

The planners and attendees acknowledged their appreciation to NRCS leadership for their endorsement of the training.  Appreciation was also expressed to John Stivers and the folks at Enon & Sehoy Plantations for hosting the event.

John Stivers discusses the brood field management.
John Stivers discusses the brood field management on one of 761 fields managed for quail.