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Items of Interest from Tim Albritton, State Staff Forester


News Releases and Items of Interest

Alabama Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Training (Alabama Forestry Commission, you will leave this site.)

Additional Information

- Longleaf Pine Initiative
- Alabama Longleaf Ecosystem Restoration Team (ALERT) Brochure
- Longleaf Pine Video (You will leave this site.)
- Linking Seedling Quality and Sapling Vertical Stability via the Root System Architecture of Longleaf Pine Container Stock (PDF from PowerPoint by Susana Sung, Dave Haywood, Mary Anne Sayer from US Forest Service, Southern Research Station Longleaf Pine Unit, Pineville, LA)

Forestry Economics

- The Economics of Pre-commercial Crop Tree Release - by David Mercker, University of Tennessee, Extension Forester
- Filling a Need: Forest Plantations for Bioenergy in the Southern US - article in BIOMASS Magazine, August 2009
- Plantation Costs and Returns
- Timber Stand Improvement Treatments

Aerial Glyphosate Application to Control Privet in Mature Hardwood Stands (Georgia Forest Commission. PDF)

- Forestry Cost Data - eFOTG

Forestry Fact Sheets, Guides, and Information

- County Longleaf Soils Data - For use by landowners to determine compatible soils to plant longleaf

Alabama Counties - A-B (.pdf, 2.5 MG)
Alabama Counties - C (.pdf, 5 MG)
Alabama Counties - D (.pdf, 1.7 MG)
Alabama Counties - E-G (.pdf, 2.3 MG)
Alabama Counties - H-L (.pdf, 4.2 MG)
Alabama Counties - M (.pdf, .5 MG)
Alabama Counties - P-S (.pdf, 2.2 MG)
Alabama Counties - T-W (.pdf, 2.1 MG)

- Common Trees in Alabama Useful in Conservation Planning (.pdf, 4.6 MG, 61 pages)
- Considerations for Forest Management on Alabama Soils (PDF, 64 KB) (text only, DOC, 3.2 MB) Contains interpretations of soils for forest land use and management. Soil-site information was obtained from field data collected by NRCS and from computer projections using Ptsite, Ppsite, and Sitequal models developed by Constance A. Harrington with the USDA-Forest Service. Ptsite and ppsite are models to calculate the site index for loblolly and longleaf pines and sitequal is a model to calculate the site index for bottomland hardwoods. Soil survey mapping prior to this document (1993) may have changed in soil interpretations. Current soil interpretations may be obtained from your local NRCS office.
- Longleaf Pine Planting Density Fact Sheet
- Tree and Shrub Planting Compliance Record Form 2015 (DOC, 67 KB)
- Late Spring Freeze Impact on Acorn Production (May 2007, Alabama Cooperative Extension System- will open in a new window.)
- USDA Farm Bill - What is in it for Woodland Owners (you will leave this site) National Association of Conservation District publication (.pdf, 3 MB-12 pages)

Forestry Publications (Will open in a new window) These documents may require Adobe Reader.

- Tech NewsFlash-Causes of Forest Herbicide Failure (.pdf)
- Form - Tree and Shrub Planting Compliance Record (Seedlings)
- From Pine Plantations to Silvopasture Poster Presentation 6/11 (by Albritton and Jolley)
- Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2008 Tax Year (.pdf)
- Timber Casualty Loss Tax Deduction 2011 (pdf)
- Annosus Root Rot Management in Alabama - How to Identify Stands Affected by Annosus Root Rot (.pdf)
- Native Understory Forbs and Grasses for Pollinator and Insect Utilization in Southeastern Longleaf Pine Ecosystems
- Longleaf Pine Fact Sheet - USDA-NRCS Jimmy Carter Plant Materials Center (.pdf)
- Alabama Forestry Publications
- Best Management Practices for Forestry (Alabama Forestry Commission, ADEM, and EPA)
- Crop Tree Release in Pre-commercial Hardwood Stands (University of Tennessee Extension)

Forest Health

- Alabama's Forests are Being Threatened by Three New Pests (Alabama Forestry Commission, you will leave this site.)

Forestry Related Links (all will open in new window)

- Jerry L. Johnson Award for Excellence in Public Service Through One's Family, Employment, Profession, and Community
- The Woodland Information Stick (.pdf, 1.4 MB)
- Some Things You Should Know About Wildlife in Alabama - a 162 page booklet for anyone interested in wildlife

  With graphics (pdf. 4.7 MB)
  Text Only (.pdf., 1.5 MB)

- Alabama Forestry Association
- Alabama Forestry Commission
- Alabama Natural Resources Council
Alabama TREASURE Forest Association
- Helene Mosley Award Information
Forestry and Wildlife Cost-Share Programs Available from agencies and partners to Alabama Landowners  - A list of various cost-share programs available to private landowners.  Can aid in understanding what each program is designed to accomplish and  the main purpose of each.
- Forestry Blog from the Private Landowner Network
National Forests in Alabama - USDA-Forest Service

Success Stories

- Forestry News - Summer 2013 (10-13, pdf)
     Forest Improvement Practices Review in West and North Team Areas
     Wildlife School for Landowners
     Land Judging Training at State Office
     Coming November 22, 2013- Landowner Prescribed Burn Workshop

- Forestry Training Retreat at Enon & Sehoy Plantations (3/11)
- McRae Farms Hosts Regional Forestry Field Day In Eutaw, AL (12-10)

Forestry Related Grant Opportunities

Bradley/Murphy Trust

More Information

If you have questions or need more information about items on this web page, please contact:

Tim Albritton
State Staff Forester