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Nutrient Management comments

Nutrient Management - Revising the NRCS 590 Standard

In Alabama, the nutrient management conservation practice standard is one of the most planned practices.  Conservation planners use this practice to provide technical assistance to producers in managing nutrients (commercial fertilizer and manure/litter) for crop growth.  The state standard must incorporate the minimum requirements contained within the national standard.  We have the flexibility to incorporate specific requirements to insure that implementation of the standard will result in the desired conservation effects. 

This standard is used in Conservation Plans developed by NRCS and Technical Service Providers.  It is also used for all CAFO Waste Management System Plans/Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans.

Alabama NRCS is committed to insure that the current scientific understanding of nutrient management is incorporated.  Our goal is to continue to provide sound technical assistance to producers while conserving the natural resources of Alabama. 

Comment Deadline:  Comment by December 15, 2012, to be considered in the first draft to be released in early January 2013.

NRCS is interested in receiving input from individuals with expertise in:

  • agricultural production
  • nutrient management (commercial fertilizer, manure, and by-products)
  • soil testing
  • water quality
  • fate and transport of nutrients
  • effectiveness of buffers
  • grazing management
  • plant tissue testing and analysis
  • cover crops/residue management
  • precision agriculture
  • organic agriculture
  • manure treatments
  • enhanced efficiency fertilizer products

Comments and suggestions should be directed to Eric Schwab, Conservation Agronomist, at 334-887-4548.


These documents may require Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word.  If you have problems opening a document, please contact, 334-887-4506.

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6.  Phosphorus Index for Alabama - Agronomy Technical Note AL-72
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