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Alabama Soil Champions


Morris--Soil ChampionRoy "Shep" Morris - Energy

Shep pays attention to details, reducing energy and input costs and increasing farm efficiency to conserve and protect the soil in Macon County.


Snell-Soil ChampionEarl and Charisse Snell - Hoop Houses

The Snells use hoop houses to grow fresh produce in Dale County. The hoop houses allow them to conserve energy, water, and nutrients, reduce chemical applications, and improve soil quality.


Saloom-Soil ChampionDr. Salem Saloom - Forestry

Dr. Saloom and his family manage woodlands in Conecuh County. They produce timber and manage the land for wildlife habitat, while improving soil health, reducing erosion, and recycling nutrients.


Wiggins-Soil ChampionRussell and Ricky Wiggins - Cover Crops

The Wiggins family uses cover crops to build and maintain soil health on crop land in Covington County.



Usery - Soil ChampionStan Usery, Jr. - Precision Placement

The Userys use conservation tillage and precision placement of their poultry litter to produce a variety of crops and improve soil health in Limestone County.

Stan was selected as ALFA's Outstanding Young Farm Family - Soybeans (9/13)


Johnson-Soil ChampionMyron Johnson - New Inventions

Myron develops innovative farm equipment to manage crop residue and promote soil health in Henry County.


Dee-Soil ChampionAnne Dee - Irrigation

The Dee family uses conservation farming, efficient irrigation and precision technology to produce high yields sustainably in Pickens County.


Holmes-Saloom-Soil ChampionCharles Holmes - Grazing

Charles uses good grazing practices to produce beef and protect soil health in Perry County.