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Outreach Meeting Held Across the State

By Janie Howell, SWCS DAC, Geneva, Alabama

Dale Co Outreach

Dale County - Southeastern Local Growers Cooperative and The Cottage House, Inc., hosted a meeting at Autrey Recreation Center in Ozark on 1/9/10. John Pruitt, President of Southeastern Local Grower’s Coop, and Barbara Shipman, President of Cottage House, Inc., coordinated the meeting of about 20 attendees. James Currington and Randy Martin, Wiregrass RC&D Coordinator, presented. Shipman (r) speaks to the landowners/users.

Landowners/users across southeast Alabama received information at Outreach Meetings targeting Socially Disadvantaged, Limited Resource, and Beginning Farmers.

James Currington, NRCS Geneva Co. DC/ East Team Outreach Coordinator presented at each meeting. Other presenters included staff from other NRCS, Tuskegee University (TU), Rural Development (RD), Farm Service Agency (FSA), Wiregrass RC&D, and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) who discussed opportunities and current programs and practices offered by their agency.

NRCS staff discussed new initiatives such as Seasonal High Tunnels (or hoop houses), feral hog traps, and micro-irrigation. ACES presenters discussed their services and upcoming workshops and conferences. TU staff discussed programs offered by the University. Other agencies discussed programs and services provided by their agency. At the end of each meeting, the staff answered the attendees questions.



Barbour  County - The Cooperative of Agricultural Producers (COAP) hosted a meeting at Clayton City Hall on 1/7/10. COAP President Joe Newton and Vice President Rhonda Benton coordinated the meeting of about 27 attendees. Presenters included James Currington, Don Nelson, NRCS Barbour Co. DC; Laniece Jackson, Program Coordinator, TU; and Jeffrey Moore, ACES.

Barbour County Outreach Meeting


Coffee County Outreach Meeting
Coffee County - Bernest Brooks Farm in Enterprise, on 1/22/10. Mr. Bernest Brooks coordinated the meeting. Presenters were James Currington and Mike Harris, NRCS Coffee County DC. Currington (2nd from left) speaks to landowners/users

Geneva County Outreach Meeting
Geneva County - Wiregrass Farmers Co-op hosted a meeting at Westside Methodist Church in Geneva on 1/16/10. Frank Petty, President of Wiregrass Farmers Coop, and Olivia McCray coordinated the meeting of about 35 people. Presenters included James Currington; Jason Padgett, CED with Geneva Co. FSA; and Claude Reeves, Headland ACES.

Houston County Outreach Meeting
Houston  County hosted a meeting at the Crossroads Baptist Church in Gordan on 1/23/10. Mr. Thomas Turner coordinated the meeting with Reverend Claude Holded. James Currington presented.