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Outreach Definitions

  1. Outreach is conducting business to ensure that NRCS programs and services are made accessible to all customers, with emphasis on the underserved.

  2. NRCS Partners are groups and organizations that share common concerns and goals, which will help carry out the NRCS mission.
  3. Underserved are individuals or groups who have not participated in, or have received limited benefits from, USDA or NRCS programs. Historically, the underserved include tribes, minorities, women, the disabled, limited resource farmers/ranchers and small-scale farmers.

  4. Community Based Organizations (CBO) are recognized groups concerned with improving the quality of life for residents within local communities. Such organizations serve as project initiators and managers, thereby providing avenues for involvement with and access to locally-led processes and activities. These groups include non-profit, non-government organizations with well-defined constituencies that include all or part of a particular community. For example, faith-based organizations, women’s groups, environmental groups, farm or woodlands groups, trade and professional associations, educational associations and schools.

  5. Small Farmer/Rancher – having less than $250,000 gross receipts annually.

  6. Limited Resource Producer – Any small farm with gross sales less than $100,000, total farm assets less than $150,000, and total operator household income less than $20,000. Limited resource farmers may report farming, a non-farm occupation, or retirement as their major occupation.