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Conservation Security Program (CSP) 2006 in Alabama

News release announcing the funding of 79 Conservation Security Program (CSP) contracts in Alabama in the Pickwick Lake Watershed. 

The Conservation Security Program (CSP) is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance for the conservation, protection, and improvement of soil, water, air, energy, plant and animal life, and other conservation purposes on Tribal and private lands. The program provides payments for producers who practice good stewardship on their agricultural lands and incentives for those who want to do more.  The program is designed to reward the best conservation stewards of the most environmentally sensitive areas in targeted watersheds.

Watershed Selected for 2006


Pickwick Lake Watershed Map

Producer Workshops in Pickwick Lake Watershed

NRCS are holding CSP workshops to give landowners in the watersheds more information about this Farm Bill Program. 

Workshop 2006 Dates Location
February 23
Lauderdale County Alabama Cooperative Extension System Office 802 Veterans Drive
Florence, Alabama 35630    1:00 p.m. 
February 24
Colbert County Board of Education
1101 Highway 72 East
Tuscumbia, Alabama 35674    9:00 a.m.

Preliminary Checklist

If you answer yes to all of questions on this Preliminary Checklist , you may wish to contact your Local NRCS Service Center to find out what opportunities you may have in CSP.

More Information

These documents require Adobe Acrobat

Pasture Condition Score Sheet (55.7 KB)
Guide to Pasture Condition Scoring ( may take a few minutes to load - 8.9 MB)
Alabama NRCS Desirable Grass Species (98 KB)
Alabama Self-Assessment Workbook (1-06) (1451 KB)
        To complete the Self-Assessment on-line, go to the National NRCS website
        CSP Self-Assessment (will open in a new window)
CSP 2006 Enrollment Categories-Criteria by Land Use and Category (259 KB)
CSP Workbook (displays type of records needed to document practices)  
Conservation Security Program Eligibility, Qualification, and Application Steps Fact Sheet (1-06) (192 KB)
Frequently Asked Questions about the CSP Water Quality Eligibility Tool (31KB)
CSP 2006 Water Quality Eligibility Criteria for Grazing Lands (59KB)
CSP 2006 Water Quality Eligibility Tool Instructions (71KB)
CSP 2006 Water Quality Eligibility Tool Instructions Hard Copy (30KB)
Pickwick Lake Watershed 2006 CSP Cost List (Enhancements) (78 KB)
Pickwick Lake Watershed 2006 CSP Cost List (New Practices) (30 KB)

CSP Energy Enhancement

Energy Assessment Worksheet  (37 KB)
Energy Audit Guidance (34 KB)
Baseline Energy Self-Assessment Guidance (34 KB)

CSP Energy Jobsheets

Energy Audits of Agricultural Operations E-01 (37KB)
Energy Enhancement Activities General Information (195KB)
Energy Use Reduction E-07 (44KB)
Recycle 100 Percent of On-Farm Lubricants E-02 (36KB)
Reduced Soil Tillage Intensity and Frequency E-03 (95KB)
Renewable Energy Generation E-06 (42KB)
Renewable Fuel E-05 (123KB)
Use of Manure Legumes and Other Nutrient Sources E-04 (69KB)

Other CSP Jobsheets 

Grazing Management (251 KB)
Habitat Management (232 KB)
Irrigation Management (128 KB)
Nutrient Management (175 KB)
Pest Management (259 KB)
Soil Management  (40 KB)

These documents require Microsoft Excel.

Wildife Biodiversity Index (BDI) for CSP in Alabama (105 KB)
CSP 2006 Irrigation Enhancement Index IWM Assessment Tool (750KB)
CSP 2006 Water Quality Eligibility Tool Version 1.01 (164KB)
CSP 2006 Water Quality Eligibility Tool Version 1.01 Hard Copy (157KB)
Pasture Condition Scoresheet - Standard for Southeast Grass/Legume Mixed Pasture (26KB)  

For more information about the Conservation Security Program, contact your Local NRCS Service Center (USDA Office Locator: Information about service center location - county and related offices across the U.S.)  There are Service Centers in most U.S. counties. 


NRCS National CSP Information (in a new window)

2005 Watershed (for archive only)

Alabama/Tennessee - Wheeler Lake Watershed


Bill Hughes, State Resource Conservationist

Ben Moore, Agronomist