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Coosa Valley RC&D Council Sponsors Poster Contest


Students win poster contest sponsored by Coosa Valley RC&D.
(l-r) Oziomor Ozor Ilo-1st place,  Sidney Rogers-2nd place, and Madison Blankensip-3rd place winners of the Choccolocco Heritage Foundation Poster Contest. Also pictured is the sponsoring teacher – Mrs. Frodis Collins.

By Eddie B. May, Project Coordinator, Coosa Valley RC&D Council

Who was George Washington Carver? Where did he live? What are some of his major contributions to mankind? Where did he work? Students from Oxford Elementary School (OES) can answer these questions and more. They will tell you the following: “he saved southern agriculture through his invention of crop rotation; he invented peanut butter; he made many products from the sweet potato and the peanut, he was a professor at Tuskegee Institute, he was a painter; or he collected rocks.” The list could go on and on.

Twenty five (25) students from OES and Coldwater Elementary schools in Oxford can now answer these questions about Carver partly through their participation in a George Washington Carver Poster Contest.

The contest was sponsored by the Coosa Valley RC&D Council and the Choccolocco Heritage Foundation.