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NOPBNRCSE Goals-Objectives

NOPBNRCSE Mission, Goals, and ObjectivesAlabama NOPBNRCSE Logo


To mentor and motivate NOPBNRCSE members for leadership roles that satisfies the natural resources and professional needs of NRCS; and to initiate an effective and strong outreach approach to elementary and high schools, universities, and under served communities

Goals and Objectives

Alabama Chapter


To achieve development opportunities through networking, education and training for Black employees within Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and thereby enhancing community development in natural resources management


  • Enhance existing NRCS systems in Alabama to identify productivity deficiencies; develop a plan of action to improve human resources 

  • Promote an effective working relationship with management to ensure that the various segments of the population are served; to include developments in rural and urban settings

  • Develop a skill database of all employees and disciplines to meet the agency, community, and specialized development needs

  • Develop sound Regional and National networking systems to keep abreast of agricultural concerns

  • Implement a partnership with other organizations to better meet customer needs

  • Develop strategies to enable The Organization to become a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity

  • Implement funding strategies by promoting the NOPBNRCSE scholarship program and community development projects


National Organization


To enhance the awareness of and improve the level of education and professional development of Black employees within NRCS and to increase the participation of Blacks in agriculture, natural resources, and related fields; membership in The Organization is open to all employees


  • Foster a productive working relationship between employees and management to promote an effective program delivery system
  • Provide a forum for employees to identify concerns and provide information and recommendations to management on programs, technical practices, and administrative policies that impact employees, potential employees, and NRCS customers
  • Develop a network to assist new employees and employees who relocate with finding housing and other community services
  • Enhance awareness and keep employees abreast of local, State, national, and international concerns in agriculture. Inform employees about career opportunities and avenues for advancing their careers
  • Emphasize the importance of the agricultural sciences and related field to high school and college/university students. Inform individuals and groups outside of the agriculture arena of the opportunities in agricultural sciences and related fields
  • Aid in the recruitment and advancement of employees in positions at all levels of NRCS
  • Develop leadership and other skills by conducting training workshops and seminars to disseminate research findings. Develop a Speaker's Bureau of experts in the field of agriculture to promote positive images of USDA employees
  • Work with management to identify training needs
  • Establish a formal network of NRCS employees and enable the network to dialogue with other professional minority organizations
  • Serve as an adjunct to NRCS in promoting soil, water, and related resources conservation in the Black community