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AL Bulletin 440-14-3

Date:  November 7, 2013

Subject:  PGM – NRCS State Guidance for Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Advance Payments

Purpose:  To provide additional state guidance regarding criteria that must be met to provide an EQIP advance payment.

Expiration Date:  September 30, 2014

The State Conservationist may issue advance payments to historically underserved producers up to 30 percent of the anticipated amount of the costs incurred for the purpose of purchasing materials or services to implement a conservation practice.

EQIP participants who self-certify as belonging to a historically underserved group are eligible to receive a payment advance to assist them in completing conservation practices included in an approved Conservation Program Contract (CPC).

Advance payments may only be provided for anticipated “out-of-pocket” costs associated with purchasing materials, supplies, equipment, and services required for practice installation and that are readily available.

Participant understands that practice implementation should be completed within 30 days of advancement.

The following criteria must all be met to provide an advance payment:

  • Is for an immediate need
  • Approved final design is available
  • Pre-invoice* (estimated materials cost) required for practices
  • Contract reflects final design extent

    *An effort to determine actual “out-of-pocket” cost and total practice cost before requesting an advancement of funds.

In keeping with the above national guidance, the State Conservationist has decided to provide additional state policy to assist field offices with processing advance payments.

Only practices that meet the above criteria and practices listed below are eligible for advance payments in Alabama. The practices include: Fence (382), Land Clearing (460), Watering Facility (614), Pipe Line (516), Tree Planting (612), Pasture and Hayland Planting (512), Micro-irrigation (441), Site Preparation (490), and Seasonal High Tunnels (798).

Participants are encouraged to use the assignment of payment for all conservation practices as needed.

Landowners may request an advance payment for other conservation practices not specified in the above list through their local District Conservationist (DC). DCs will forward these requests to their team Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations for final approval.


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