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AL Bulletin 190-13-2

Alabama Bulletin No. AL190-13-2

Date:  April 23, 2013

Subject:  ECS - Alabama Invasive Plant Council Annual Conference

Purpose:   To notify Alabama Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) employees of an opportunity to receive technical training at the annual meeting of the Alabama Invasive Plant Council on May 9, 2013, and to specify attendance requirements for this meeting.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2013

Action Required By:  April 29, 2013 (10 a.m) - deadline for attendance request to Kim Pridgen through ASTC or Supervisor.

The Alabama Invasive Plant Council will hold its 11th Annual Meeting in at the Alabama 4H Center in Columbiana, Alabama, on May 8, 2013.  The program includes many technical topics on the identification and control of invasive plants and includes concurrent field workshops.  The meeting details and program agenda can be found on-line. 

Employees who attend this meeting can earn continuing education credit that can be applied to the 60 hours required every three years for maintaining Certified Planner status. 

Continuing Education Credits will be awarded as follows:

  • Pesticide Recertification  – 10 points in Demonstration and Research (D&R), Forest Pest Control (FOR), Right-of-Way Pest Control (ROW) and Aquatic Pest Control (AQ)

  • Continuing Forestry Education Credits (CFE) – 5 Cat 1-CF

  • Alabama Professional Logging Manager (PLM) – 6 credits

  • International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) - pending

Employees wishing to attend this meeting should seek approval through their appropriate supervisory channel.  In order to be authorized to attend this training on official government time (traveling by GOV) with registration fees paid by NRCS, employees must have attendance of similar subject matter technical training listed in their FY13 IDP.  Upon supervisor IDP verification and approval, employees should submit their on-line registration

Payment can be made by government purchase card (not travel card), personal credit card, or offline (payment by check at the door). Note the Pre-registration deadline of April 29, 2013.  The State Office will cover registration and payment for any names submitted by April 29, 2013 (10 a.m.).  These nominations should be sent from an ASTC or State Office supervisor to Kim Pridgen. 

Any registration reimbursement requests should be initiated using form SF 1164 and submitted through supervisory channels.  Any “non-registration” fees will be paid by the employee.  Employees should not be reimbursed any extra amount for late registration.

If anyone has questions, please contact Eddie Jolley at (334) 887-4564 or Shannon Weaver at (334) 887-4533.




    1. On-line registration
    2. Meeting Details
    3. Program Agenda

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