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Alabama Bulletin No 190-13-1

Alabama Bulletin No. AL190-13-1

  December 3, 2012

Subject:  ECS – Review of Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP’s) delivered by Technical Service Providers (TSP’s)

Purpose:   To provide guidance on reviewing CNMP’s and communicating with TechReg certified TSP’s.

Expiration Date:  September 30, 2013

The first two CNMP Conservation Activity Plans developed in Alabama by a certified TSP will undergo a state level technical review.  Once these two plans have been accepted, the District Conservationist is responsible for reviewing and accepting CNMP’s developed by these individuals. 

All CNMP reviews should be documented with the CNMP Checklist.  The Checklist and Quality Review status all Alabama Certified TSP’s is kept on the Alabama SharePoint site under Shared Documents/Conservation Activity Plans.

If the District Conservationist finds items in the CNMP that require revision, they should contact their appropriate Team Specialist (Resource Conservationist or Resource Engineer).  If the Team specialist concurs that the revision is needed, then they will forward the CNMP documents and checklist to Shannon Weaver, State TSP Coordinator.  The State TSP Coordinator will consult as needed with appropriate state office specialists and will then contact the appropriate TSP business or individual. 

This protocol is needed to ensure consistency in the CNMP planning process.  In addition, Validus, Inc. has specifically requested that all change requests be directed to their Headquarters office rather than to individual TSP planners.

For additional information contact Shannon Weaver, 334-887-4533,





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