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A Warm Christmas to All--and to All a Good Night


(l-r) NRCS retiree Grant Mattox, Soil Conservation Technician Marshall Colburn, Executive Assistant for Wilmer Hall Margaret Scarborough, Mobile Co. DC Joyce Nicholas, and Soil Conservationist Joshua Elliott display some of the blankets that were donated to a local orphanage.

Everyone thinks of spreading good will at Christmas, but in December 2009, Joshua Elliott, NRCS Soil Conservationist, Mobile/Washington Cos., said that an idea was sparked at the Mobile Co. field office to do something a little bit different. The staff combined efforts to make fleece blankets to give away to a group in need.

The word spread quickly. At the NRCS West Team meeting in September, employees gave donations that covered a large portion of the fabric cost.

The staff decided a local orphanage named Wilmer Hall located near the field office, would be a perfect place to distribute the blankets.

The orphanage staff were thrilled and were waiting with open arms to accept the blankets. There were enough blankets for all 29 residents, with a few to spare.

The project was a great success and proves that no task is too big when you work as a team for the betterment of our fellow man.