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Madison County Holds Drinking Water Festival

Conservation Showcase


Water festival sponsors listen in on a presentation by Sam Sandlin, Watershed Coordinator for Madison County SWCD who presented “Wetlands Metaphors”. 

By Kathy Walker, SWCS DAC, Huntsville, AL

Madison County staff and Earth Team Volunteers survived the 15th annual Drinking Water Festival in Huntsville without drama. The weather was gorgeous for a change.

The festival was held May 15-16 at University of Alabama in Huntsville.  The Spraggin’s Hall Gymnasium (where we normally seat 800 students at a time) was not available this year so we had to limit registration to 1,600 for the two day festival.  We used the Chan auditorium but only 400 students could be seated at a time to see the Steve Trash Magic Show. 

A total of 22 schools participated, 1,600 students and 66 volunteers each day to register, teach and guide the students through the activities. 

When teachers registered their class, they choose three activities for their students to participate in from the  five different activities: Cave Shrimp, Filtration, Wetlands Metaphors, Watersheds, and Well in a Cup.