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2011 Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program

Collage of hree pictures - turtle, duck, and quail

Feral/Wild Swine Pilot Program
Longleaf Pine Initiative

The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP) is a voluntary program that encourages creation of high quality wildlife habitats that support wildlife populations of National, State, Tribal, and local significance. Through WHIP, the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides technical and financial assistance to landowners and others to develop upland, wetland, riparian, and aquatic habitat areas on their property.

Eligible lands under the program are:

  • Privately owned land;
  • Federal land when the primary benefit is on private or Tribal land;
  • State and local government land on a limited basis; and Tribal land.

If land is determined eligible, NRCS places emphasis on enrolling:

  • Habitats for wildlife species experiencing declining or significantly reduced populations;
  • Practices beneficial to fish and wildlife that may not otherwise be funded; and
  • Wildlife and fishery habitats identified by local and State partners and Indian Tribes in each State.

Longleaf Pine Initiative 2011

Contact the local Natural Resources Conservation Service office for further guidelines and details of the program.  

These documents require Adobe Acrobat or and Microsoft Excel.

Payment Schedule for WHIP 2011 (.pdf 218 KB, .xls 75 kb)
Payment Schedule for WHIP Historically Underserved 2011 (.pdf 218 KB, .xls 75 kb)
Conservation Program Application, NRCS-CPA1200 and Appendix to Form NRCS-CPA-1202, Conservation Program Contract  (PDF, 28 KB)

Posters for Field Office to print and display

8x10 (PDF, 101 KB) 
11x17 (PDF, 2.5 MB)


  • FY 2010 WHIP
  • Other years archives available from contact below.

National WHIP Website

News Releases

Success Stories, News Releases, and Resources

Some of these documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Some Things You Should Know About Wildlife in Alabama - a 162 page booklet for anyone interested in wildlife
  With graphics (pdf. 4.7 MB)
  Text Only (.pdf., 1.5 MB)