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Alabama GM Supplement No 120-al63-part405.23 Policy

General Manual Alabama Supplement No. 120 AL63

Title 120 General Manual
Part 405.23 Personal Property
Subpart A - General

AL405.23 Insurance Requirements for Partners

(2) When NRCS government vehicles are loaned to partners including Soil & Water Conservation Districts, or Resource Conservation & Development Councils a written agreement between the parties must be in place and signed by both partners. Partners and/or partner employees who use government vehicles for non-NRCS partner activities are required to carry property damage and bodily injury liability insurance, and the amount of insurance shall be the minimum required by Alabama State Law. Operators who use vehicles for non-NRCS partner activities will complete an affidavit acknowledging they have obtained the required insurance and will continue to carry the required coverage as long as the driver is employed by the partner and continues to operate a government vehicle.


Agreement between NRCS and _________________________RC&D Council

For the Use of Government Owned Vehicles (GOVs)

This agreement is between the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the _____________________________ to define clearly the roles and responsibilities of the parties regarding the use of Government Owned Vehicles (GOVs).

GOVs are to be used only for official purposes. Operators of GOVs shall exercise discretion to avoid any situation which may tend to convey an impression to the public that the GOV is being used for unofficial purposes.

NRCS line officers will exercise supervisory control over the assigned use of a GOV. This includes:

  • Advising operators of the regulations governing the use of GOVs.
  • Insuring that operators are properly licensed to operate vehicles.
  • Determining permission to operate a vehicle which is given on an individual basis. Providing guidance to NRCS management to revoke driving permission when careless operation or use of a GOV outside governmental policy has occurred.
  • Determining priority of use of vehicles. NRCS business will take precedence over non-NRCS business.
  • Establishing prior approval procedures for use of GOVs at irregular hours or under circumstances where use may create an unfavorable public reaction.
  • Determining when it is appropriate to allow parking of a GOV overnight at a location other than the normal duty station.
  • Informing all operators that it is mandatory to inform NRCS line officers when operators have received any moving violations.

Partner employees are covered under the Tort Claim Act when operating GOVs for official NRCS business. __________________________________________(Partner) is to carry a property damage and bodily injury liability insurance policy and shall include the United States as an insured there under if the partner/partner employee uses a GOV for non-NRCS business. Non-NRCS business includes but is not limited to: partner banking business and attendance at employee association meetings.