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How Can the Alabama Civil Rights Advisory Committee Help You?

The Civil Rights Advisory Committee Helps You By:

  • Acting as a forum for an exchange of ideas and action proposals on sensitive issues, matters, or concerns of an EEO nature.

  • Promoting and communicating the efforts of management to achieve and operate a realistic and ongoing EEO program.

Let the Committee Know About:

  • trends, problems, issues, or concerns needing management’s attention.
    Note: The committee does not receive, investigate, or in any way adjudicate individual or class complaints of discrimination.

  • recruitment practices-- ensuring that under represented groups are made aware of employment opportunities for career positions, temporary summer employment, or special appointment.

  • specific personnel practices or problems of an EEO nature that are producing, or could produce, dissension and dissatisfaction among employees (e.g., merit promotion and procedures; selection for training and assignments; criteria, nomination, and distribution of awards, etc.).

Committee Members


The Alabama Civil Rights Advisory Committee Is Working For You!