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Dale County Students Benefit From Education Grant

Conservation Showcase

Students learn about conservation in school programs.
Students learn about water conservation in Dale County Schools.

By Janet Benton, Education Specialist, Dale County SWCD, Ozark, AL

The Dale County Soil and Water Conservation District completed the work on a 2011 Wiregrass RC&D Council Education Grant.  

In addition to assisting Dale County’s landowners and agricultural producers with technical and financial assistance, the district conducted environmental education outreach to stimulate conservation awareness in the youth of Dale County. 

The District used the 2011 Wiregrass RC&D Council Education Grant to fund a variety of environmental education activities such as container and raised-bed gardening, the Enviroscape demonstration, and hands-on environmental education activities.

Specific events included the Annual Jack M. Reynolds Forestry Field Days (Dale County) and Wiregrass Area Forestry and Wildlife Field Day events, the National Association of Conservation District’s Annual Poster Contest, the Dale County Groundwater Festival, and the Annual Dale County Youth AG Day Event, and water conservation presentations in the Ozark City and Dale County School Systems.  Gardening activities were also conducted involved students in the G.W. Long High School FFA, the Dale County Youth Juvenile Program, and Camp Oz.  Approximately 2,300 students were reached through these activities.

Angela Hope of the Ozark Boys and Girls Club’s Mentoring Program wrote “–the environmental education classes were outstanding, very informative, with practical advice and suggestions that can be easily remembered and put into practice by all.  Many thanks for all your efforts and patience in getting the message across to our youth, our future leaders!”

The following organizations were involved in making this project a success: USDA/NRCS, the AL Cooperative Extension System, the City of Ozark’s Camp Oz and Boys and Girls Club, the Dale County Juvenile Program, the GW Long High School FFA, various Ozark City and Dale County Schools, and the Cottage House. 

For more information, please call Janet Benton, District Technician/Education Specialist at 334-774-4749, ext 115.


Students have hands on projects.   Students gets hands-on in garden.