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Lee County Holds Water Festival

Lee County SWCS Holds Water Festival


Students learn about water purification.
Students learn about water filtration.

By Jillian Stephens, Communications Specialist, NRCS, Auburn, AL

Water is precious and we must make every drop count.

Fourth grade students learned this at the Lee County Water Festival, sponsored by the Lee County Soil and Water Conservation District and several local businesses.

At the festival, students learned about the water cycle, water filtration, and aquifers through hands-on activities and a science based magic show.

Volunteers from the community taught students ways they could “make every drop count” through more sustainable practices and by decreasing water usage.

A few weeks before the festival, Lee County School 4th graders competed to have their artwork on the festival t-shirt which all participants and volunteers would wear the day of the event.

T-shirt art winners include: first place Autumn Meredith, Yarbrough Elementary; second place Lauren White, Morris Avenue School; third place Ryan Cannon, Beauregard Elementary; fourth place Gracie Lucas, Smith Station Intermediate; and fifth place Melissa Sanders, Beulah Elementary.

More than 1,900 students attended the event.

Students make ediable aquifers.
Students make editable aquifers.