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Engineering Drawings

Some of these documents require Adobe Reader or AutoCAD 2002.

Bridge Design (located on NRCS e-fotg)

Construction Drawings for Agricultural Bridges
AL-ENG-578-001 - Timber Bridge for Livestock Use Only (TB-1)
AL-ENG-578-002 - Timber Bridge for Livestock and Farm Equipment (TB-2)
AL-ENG-578-003 - Timber Bridge for Livestock and Vehicular Loads (TB-3)

Construction Details for Agricultural Bridge Components

AL-ENG-578-004 - Plate and Curb Attachment (TB-2D)
AL-ENG-578-005 - Lateral Bracing and Bearing Pad (TB-3D)
AL-ENG-578-006 - Alternate Detail for Bearing Pad and Lateral Bracing (TB-4D)
AL-ENG-578-007 - Nail Laminated Deck (TB-5D)
AL-ENG-578-008 - Clip (TB-6D)
AL-ENG-578-009 - Details For Prestressed Concrete Bridge (PCB-1)
AL-ENG-578-010 - Details for Prestressed Concrete Bridge (Safety Fence) (PCB-2)
AL-ENG-578-011 - Prestressed Concrete Bridge – Sequence of Construction (PCB-3)

Erosion Control Blanket on Streambank
Erosion Control Blanket (pdf, 76.9 KB)
Erosion Control Blanket (dwg, AutoCAD, 256 KB)

Irrigation Water Stream Intake
AL-ENG-533-01 - Intake and Gravel Filter in Bank, at Stream Level
AL-ENG-533-03 - Intake and Gravel Filter in Stream, Perpendicular to Flow
AL-ENG-533-04 - Intake and Gravel Filter Parallel to Base of Bank
AL-GN-533-05 - Portable Pumps

Livestock Watering From Pond
Cattle Watering (pdf, 207 KB)
Cattle Watering 2 (pdf, 135 KB)
Floating Intake 1 (pdf, 187 KB)
Floating Intake 2 (pdf, 244 KB)
Water Level Control (pdf, 218 KB)

Live Willow Post Detail
Live Willow Post Detail (pdf, 128 KB)
Log Bundle Detail (dwg, AutoCAD, 250 KB)

Log Bundle/Rock Bank Stabilization
Log Bundle Detail (pdf, 243 KB)
Log Bundle Detail (dwg, AutoCAD, 968 KB)

Micro-Irrigation Plasticulture
Micro-Irrigation Plasticulture (pdf-5 pages, 1.2 MB) 

Pastured Poultry Pen
Pastured Poultry Pen (pdf, 20 KB)
Pastured Poultry Pen (dwg-AutoCAD) (20 KB)

Rock Filter Dam
Rock Filter Dam (jpg, 164 KB)  (Open image then right click to copy)
Rock Filter Dam (dwg, AutoCAD, 246 KB)

Root Wad Bank Stabilization
Root Wad Bank Stabilization (pdf, 473 KB)
Root Wad Bank Stabilization (dwg, AutoCAD, 1.1 MB)

Shallow Water Reservoirs
Riser and Embankment Isometric (pdf, 239 KB)
Trickle Tube Details
(pdf, 309 KB)
Concrete Flashboard Weir (pdf, 174 KB)
Flashboard Riser Detail (pdf, 328 KB)

Siphon Pipe Spillway
Siphon Exposed on Downstream Slope (pdf, 287 KB)
Siphon Buried in Downstream Slope (pdf, 287 KB) 

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