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Kodiak Archipelago Soil Survey

Kodiak Archipelago Soil Survey

The NRCS has completed three years of field work on the 3.2 million acre Kodiak Archipelago soil survey resulting in approximately 656,000 acres of detailed reconnaissance (1:63,360) level mapping completed and an additional 85,000 acres of detailed (1:25,000) level mapping completed. The areas completed include the Native Corporation and private land on Afognak Island, Native Corporation and Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge land in the Karluk and Sturgeon River Watersheds in southwest Kodiak, and the private, city, and borough land on the extensive road system on northeast Kodiak. A soil survey produces maps and descriptions of the soil landscape, including assessments of the vegetation, landform, and hydrology associated with each soil type. Each type is mapped and cataloged with interpretations that explain each soil's potential uses and limitations. Soil surveys help residents, community planners, and land managers make better land-use decisions that might include identifying best places for roads, buildings, airstrips, septic systems, and landfills, as well as enhancing range, forestry, and wildlife management.

The NRCS is working in partnership with Afognak Native Corporation; Kodiak Island Borough; Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation District; Koniag, Inc.; Natives of Kodiak, Inc.; Old Harbor Native Corporation; Uyak, Inc.; Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge; Lesnoi, Inc.; and Ouzinkie Native Corporation. Additional cooperators are expected to join in the project as the survey progresses across the islands. Field work is expected to conclude in 2012 with a completed soil survey available in 2013. Contact Nathan Parry for more information.

Below is a map showing field data collection status for the survey.


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