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Registering as a TSP

Who can register as a TSP?
The TSP registry is intended for registration of individuals, businesses, and public agencies that are applying for certification as technical service providers. Registration is the first step toward certification.

Do I need to have a USDA Level 2 eAuthentication account?

What is the difference between registration and certification?
Registration is signing up and initiating the process of becoming Certified. Certification means that you have met the criteria for becoming certified in one or more technical services and have signed an agreement with NRCS. Agreements can be signed electronically once you have an online account with USDA.

How do I register as a prospective TSP?
Using your eAuthentication Level 2 account, login to the TechReg system and provide information about your qualifications and select the technical services you wish to provide, and the locations where you are willing to provide services.

How do I get certified?
After you register in TechReg and select the technical services you wish to provide, then a list of criteria that must be met in order to be certified will be listed. You will indicate how you meet the qualification criteria.

What degrees or licenses do I need?
It depends upon the technical services you wish to provide. View criteria for each technical service in the Certification Categories under TechReg Resources.

Do I have to sign an agreement if I am registering through a certifying organization?