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Klamath River Basin Activities


The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and local partners are bringing the benefits of voluntary, locally-led conservation to farmers, ranchers, Tribes, and other private landowners in the Klamath River Basin.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service in California and Oregon provides technical assistance in conservation planning and on-farm conservation implementation through federal financial program funding, such as the Farm Bill.


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Photo of the Klamath River Basin
Conservation in the Klamath Basin
Partnership Accomplishments               

This full color, eight-page report provides conservation partnership highlights, an overview of Farm Bill assistance, information on conservation assistance delivered to local people, a report on new scientific models to examine conservation efforts, and Klamath Basin landowner success stories.

Partnership Accomplishments Brochure [626 kb]



Photo of Agriculture in the Klamath Basin
Klamath Basin Rapid Subbasin Assessments              

Below are the Summary Documents for the larger Klamath Basin Rapid Subbasin Assessments (July 2004). 

The Summary Report entitled Upper Klamath Basin: Opportunities for Conserving and Sustaining Natural Resources on Private Lands provides an overview of the Upper Klamath Basin and each of the Subbasins. 





Klamath River Basin Activities
Work Plan for Adaptive Management in the Klamath Basin (2004)
An updated Work Plan for Adaptive Management in the Klamath Basin was released in May 2004, updating the significant conservation planning and implementation that was completed during fiscal years 2002 and 2003.

May 2004 Updated Work Plan for Adaptive Management (285 Kb)
Klamath Basin Land Cover Map (134 Kb)
2002 NRCS Work Plan for Adaptive Management (906 Kb)


 Klamath Basin Project Information

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